To design is to communicate clearly by whatever means you can control or master

My name is Kapil. I design and build digital products that are intuitive, accessible, beautiful, and fun. I’ve done this professionally since 2013, and I’ve been designing for the mobile app since 2015.

For the past two years or so, I’ve been working at Ford on the GoRide Team helping to deliver a better user experience for the dispatchers and business team. Before that, I studied systems design engineering at Colorado State University.

Good design stems from:

  • Inclusivity. Design with, and for, others who are not like you. You’ll create better solutions, and seeing life from a new perspective is a wonderful gift.
  • Humility. Sometimes you’ll be wrong. Accept it early and move on. Sometimes the real solution lies beyond your power. That’s ok, too. Suggest a path forward.

I got into product design because I realized there was a job where I could pursue interests in art, business, and engineering. I've worked on a range of problem areas—including multi-modal journey planning, ride service, community-building, productivity, and policy.

With my background in engineering, I'm a systems thinker that naturally gravitates towards strategy and product problems. For now, however, I'm focusing on fine-tuning my craft skills—executing flawlessly through visual design, interaction design, and prototyping.

Message me at—my inbox is always open. If you’re in Michigan, coffee or drinks are welcome, too.